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Finamics Global is an end-to-end investment solution providing portal. We are here to help you grow your money in a way that is personalized, unbiased and proven. Our aim is to take the best practices of successful investing – asset allocation, diversification, re-balancing and review – and automate these practices using the power of technology.

We offer ICC600 contract format that every investor can hold as a guarantor for their investment and be rest assured about their capital investment and returns.

Humans work great, but they are even better at handling robotic operation and making it work for them. At Finamics Global we automate the trading process to optimize it and minimize errors.

Start your completely paper-less investment that you can monitor and operate on the go. Go GREEN.

Our expert traders run the investment algorithms and trade in high frequency in a way that your capital sees the returns you have been dreaming about all along!

Investing with Finamics Global ensures that our professional portfolio managers keep up with the latest trends for you and update your portfolio frequently for the best possible returns.

Withdraw money at the tap of a button and get money back to your bank account or get paid in crypto.