Our Story

Analyzing Graphs

Finamics, since its inception in 2012, is dedicated in making tailor designed products. Finamics reached the status of a fore-runner internationally as a reliable Trading Platform.

With its current growth initiative, Finamics has entered into other Artificial Intelligence based Automated Trading System which we call ANN-TP (Artificial Neural Network – Trading Protocol).

Bringing ANN – TP Trading capabilities to the masses, empowering them to trade on level ground with professionals.

We decided to change this and help everyone invest better, creating an Artificial Intelligence, which makes investing transparent, easy and controlled. No more incompetent advisors, confusing graphs and insecure feelings. With ANN-TP anyone can become a successful investor, and being supported by an AI.

As the barriers of the trade have come down, strong market has become cynosure of the industries worldwide. To en-cash these opportunities, Finamics has endeavored to reinvent itself with planned capital investment and management culture. Finamics is renewing its customer relationship by providing value added solution. Efforts are made to embrace information technology in the quest of efficient and faster processes throughout the demand and supply chain. We are also balancing the growth aspiration with social concerns for sustainable growth and ecosystem.

The ultimate goal of Finamics is to be the platform for expert traders to easily build, share and monetize their trading ideas, and for the masses to simply profit with just a few clicks, fuss-free.