Our Approch

Growing Together with Finamics Ecosystem

Our vision is to be a responsible player in the International Trading, always striving to offer best in class products across investor lifecycle. We strive hard to deliver consistent performance over the benchmark across all our products, thereby creating customer satisfaction. Our 5 years of existence offering a broad range of investment products across asset classes with varying risk parameters that cater to needs of various customer segments, have enabled us to garner trust of over investors.

  • Robust ANN-TP Technology

    Enabling traders to do automated trading just by investing  & more accurately we predict financial markets.
  • ANN-TP Capable of Self Learning

    Finamics weights between strategies change as markets changes, so our system is able to adjust to new market behavior.

  • Optimization & Data Testing

    Optimize market data for higher profitability & test them with robust technology.

  • 'Generic Evolution'

    of Strategies

    Enhance your trading strategies using our proprietary AI technology for higher potential profitability.

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