How To Invest

Many ways, one goal- Returns.
Start your investment any way you prefer.

Finamics Global is a premium Asset Management Company which offers you a complete investment process, right from depositing money to trading and monitoring your portfolio and from earning returns to redeeming them any way you choose. Following the widely acclaimed concept of ‘Sub-prime Investment’ Finamics Global introduces investors to opportunities with higher risk that assure your at par higher returns.

Backed by ANN-TP i.e. Artificial Neural Network – Trading Protocol, an intelligent investment software,


Finamics Global crunches the complex world of finance and investment, right into your hands.

What We Trade In

We have a suite of financial products for you to choose from and start investing. Based on your risk profile and desired returns, you can pick any of the following instruments to invest in and then leave all the rest of the hard work to us.

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Investment doesn’t have to be complicated.

We help you make sure you get your money’s worth out of your money and our simplified technology helps you fearlessly invest and dream on!.